Jul 29, 2014

Revitalizing cucumber cream face mask

I think it's the summer heat that's been getting to me lately but I've felt the need to pamper myself a bit.  My skin has been dry and splotchy as is the summer normal for this red head.  I'm currently having another reaction to my contacts (I'm allergic) so my eyes have been dry and tired even when I wake up.  I've joined a local gym and have been going 3 times a week so my muscles have been a bit sore as well.  Basically I am starting to feel a little worn around the edges.

This last week we have the joy of milking a friends cow for 7 whole days.  She was fresh in milk (the calf is only 14 days old now) so the milk was flowing!  After batches of cheese, butter and lots of milk used, I found the fridge full off cream still untouched.  Of course ice cream still needed to be made but before that happened I took a small scoop to set aside.  I needed a little pampering and honestly, I had visions of Cleopatra in my head as I mixed this glorious potion for my poor dry face.

My advice?  Prepare the scene.  Light a candle, turn on a little Ray LaMontagne, put on your comfiest pj pants and ditch the bra.  Lay back and just enjoy a moment of quiet and a moment all to yourself.

This face mask can be used on your face, neck and chest (hence ditching the bra).  Add a few cucumber slices to your eyes to make it even better.


cucumber cream mask
1 cucumber, skin removed
1/4 cup cream (you may need a little less if your cream is really runny)

Blend cucumber in a food processor. Once smooth, add cream slowly until well blended. Transfer to small bowl. Wrap your hair in a towel before applying (saves your hair from cucumber chunks). Apply mask to your face. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Bask in the glow of your freshly hydrated skin.


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