Aug 19, 2008

Week 2

So last week went really well. Caitlin is picking up on reading quickly and now that I have changed programs we are just zipping along. Her comprehension is great now that the material is presented just a little differently. I am glad a friend gave me this book! :)

We worked a tiny bit on cursive last week but I dont want to push it too much until I have a program. I dont want to teach her an incorrect formation that will make it difficult in the long run. I write so differently that I was taught that I cant quite remember all the letters the traditional way. I think I have decided to go with the A Beka program. I can find a lot of used books so I will be picking thatup this week.

SOTW is going good. We did chapter two yesterday (we were busy on friday so we didnt do school). The kids were in a mood and didnt want to pay attention but when I asked her the questions she nailed everyone of them. :) Guess her ears still work even if her body is moving at mock 10 speed! We build a model of the nile river comple with soil and grass seed (from the SOTW activity book) so the kids could see how the yearly flooding helped with crops. They really enjoyed the activity and even brought up how this is a different style of watering than a shaduf (from last week).

You cant really tell what is what in the pic, it was really really flooded! :)

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