Jul 26, 2011


(Regardless of what religion you are watch the video above, the message is wonderful!)

A friend sent the above video to me this weekend knowing that I often say "I'm just not that creative."  Her rebutle is always "I can't sew a straight line but you can whip a dress out in an hour."  True.  I can create and sometimes forget that fact because I get wrapped up in what I can't do.  I can't create beautiful music with my voice or an instrument, I can't create a painting, sculpture or mural.  There are so many things I can't create because of lack of know how or ability.  And while it is easy to dwell on that I have decided to think of all the things I can create.  I do create with my sewing machine, I create with food when I cook for my family, I create when I fool around with all the behind the scenes geekery of blogs.  There are a lot of things I do to create and really that is an amazing gift to be able to create something.

Fresh Strawberry Shortcake

A friend of mine is a self proclaimed craft failure.  She can sew a couple lines but aside from that every single craft she has tried has failed.  However that wonderful woman has a mind for numbers and she simply creates order with numbers.  It's amazing to watch.  Each one of us has a gift for creating, the goal is to find what it is we create.

My goal this week is to create (or start) a more calm, mellow and supportive home.  I am tired of worn out attitudes.  It is in my power to create an environment when these little people can thrive and I am able to preserve my hair a little longer ;).

So what do you create?  What's your goal this week, what will you create?


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