Nov 4, 2011

Giving thanks

I am grateful for:

1. Loud voices, even though they make me want to cringe in the house, if they didn't have loud voices I wouldn't hear them in times of need.

2. Fire and warmth

3. Homeschooling

4. New friends

5. Chai Tea, it's my new love and I adore it.

6. Warm bookstores

7. Libraries (see a trend here?)

8. Sisters

9. Sore muscles

10. Applesauce


My list of thanks is a bit longer today since I missed yesterday.  I found myself in the abyss of the grocery store last night and it was just too much to post after dealing with that!  Have you noticed I am prone to melodrama....I assure you this particular grocery store deserves every bit of it.

This weekend I will be spending with apples, canning jars, and a few hours among friends being all sorts of crafty.  Snow is supposed to be heading my way this weekend so it looks like I will be doing that final yard clean up.

It will be a lovely weekend.  I hope yours it equally as lovely.

1 comment:

Bobbi said...

I love your list. I believe I have a grocery store like yours too. :( I could use a good snow weekend. Not going to happen in Florida though. :} I hope your weekend is stupendous!