Nov 2, 2011

This day last year

This very day last year I found myself walking over the beautiful grounds of a beautiful place of worship.  It was the first day I had been able to move off the couch after being diagnosed with Endometriosis and it was in the final days of my dark slide into oblivion.  This time last year was filled with so many negative emotions that my only defense was to let the depression overtake me.  It was the darkest time of my life.

   Stepping stones

This year I find myself in much different circumstances.  While I feel that tug of oblivion once in a while, mostly I just feel hope.  Our life is still full of stress, uncertainty, and struggles, however instead of hopelessness I am filled with hope for the future.   

dried grasses

While the last year has not been easy, somethings haven't changed at all, it has been so rewarding.  We have grown as a family and I have grown as a person.  For the first time in my life I was faced with something that I could not control and it all turned out fine.  That was a hard pill to swallow for this control freak but one that I would happily take again.

red berries


With great struggle comes great growth.   There is much to experience, without growth or change (for they are one in the same really) we will not be able to let that experience shape us into something so much better than we are right now.  The learning curve of life is a steep and slippery slope but it is one that I am grateful for in every laugh and tear that is shared in this life.

For the rest of November I will be posting 5 things I am grateful for eachday.  I encourage you to find 5 things to be thankful for also.  Please feel free to leave your list in the comments if you'd like.  There is much to be grateful for each and everyday and this year I choose to see it!

Have a lovely November, friends.

I am greatful for:

1. Books

2. Independance

3. Childhood

4. Family

5. Sing song voices

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Bobbi said...

I am grateful for:
my kitties
my soon to be grandson
my mom