Nov 7, 2011

Pinky Promise Pact

I have ornery kiddos.  It's true.  They are sweet as candy when they want to  be but oh boy, if they don't want to be watch out.  I am tired of it.  The atmosphere in our home is hardly harmonious lately.  It's driving me crazy.  So this morning in a moment of true inspiration I formed an alliance, or more commonly known around here, The Pinky Promise Pact.

My two oldest are the instigators in most unwanted behaviors.  I took my son aside and in a conspiratorial whisper said I had a secret mission for him.  I mentioned that the girls are so ornery that I needed a little boy help to turn the house around (it's actually him that was the issue at this point lol).  We came up with a plan to try out for just 24 hours.  We have to serve someone, say please and thank you, and if things get to tense we have to shout Ian's secret word "tumbleumms" and give each other a hug.

Next I took Caitlin aside.  Her outlet to show frustration is hitting.  This drives me crazy for a million reasons but that is another post.  I asked the same things of Caitlin only when she wants to hit she needs to do a short booty dance.  She thought this was a hilarious idea and was excited to try it out.

At the end of each secret meeting with did the most sacred thing a child knows of, we pinky promised.  I forgot to cross our hearts and hope to die so hopefully it all still works.

Wish me luck today.  I have a feeling it is going to be interesting around here.  And if you drive by and witness a lot of booty dancing and shouting of "tumbleumms" you will know its a rough day with a lot of laughing.

Have a happy week.

Thankful for:

1. Secret pinky promise pacts

2. Willingness to make someone else happy

3. Childhood

4. Lightly falling snow

5. November, which always turns my thoughts to gratitude and service to others.

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