Nov 1, 2011


Happy Halloween

Autumn Sky bake cookies

:: the happy smiles that came from being dressed up for nearly a whole day. 

:: that I won the "You rock mom" award a couple of times yesterday.  Who knew a few pieces of candy could get me so much.

:: the skies.  Oh my word.  Now that it is fall the sky has taken on a different quality with its grays and silvers.  Without all the trees full of leaves, the sky goes on and on forever.  Stunning.

:: that the no bake cookies are  nearly gone.  I can't stand the vile things and I hate seeing them in the cupboard.  They look like poop to me.  

:: free books.  Boxes and boxes of books that were given to us.  Horse books, nursery rhymes, airplanes, lakes, stars.....books are a magical gift no matter what kind.

:: free furniture that just so happens to be perfect for a sewing table and fabric cabinet for me.  I have ideas.....lots and lots of ideas.

:: my hubby.  He's a great guy and everyday I wake up next to him is a favorite day.


Hope you are finding much to love in your daily life.  Have a beautiful day.

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