Dec 27, 2011

A season of memories

December11 199

December11 197

December11 191

December11 186

December11 185

December11 179

December11 163

December11 145

December11 142

December11 120

December11 117

The season is coming to a close but what a wonderful season it has been!  We changed things up this year and I have to say the changes were most welcome.  The season was savored, enjoyed, and most importantly filled with family.  The kids plotted and planned the most perfect gifts for their siblings.  The joy that came from those sibling gifts was most precious.  Lauren exclaimed at one point "Oh Ian this is amazing.  Thanks for loving me!"

Throughout the month of December we have had 2 birthdays and Christmas to celebrate.  A month, that in the past has been filled with stress and bad attitudes, has been filled with so many little moments of happiness and lots and lots of smiles.

As this year winds down and comes to a close I find myself anxious for all that the coming year will bring.  Whether filled with stress or surprises I will find the good.  I will find the best little pieces of each day and celebrate those.  Life is so short, something I am only understanding now as my babes grow so quickly, why let a single sweet moment pass by?

May your next year be filled with many sweet moments that can be celebrated.


P.s.   My blogging hiatus will continue for a bit longer.  The lap top is fried and the ancient beast of a desk top only can do so much.  So bear with me, I will be back regularly here shortly.

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