Jan 22, 2012

Moving Time


Some of you may have wondered where I've disappeared to as of late and the simple answer is boxes.  Our house is once again filled with boxes, cleaning supplies, spackle, and laundry.  Where does the laundry come from during the packing process!  I swear it breeds under the bathroom sink while we sleep.  Anyway, we have found a place in the country once again (can I get a big Woop?!) and this Saturday we will be headed south of here about 45 minutes.  The great thing about it is we will have a place for our business as there is a shop on the property.  The bad news is we will be near a big(ger) city and well I am just not a city girl.  The good news about the bad news is there are a lot of great opportunities for the kids and school.  Life is a big give and take is it not?

The new place includes barns (we think anyway), corrals, raspberries, and a place for chickens.  There is no defined garden space right now but we will take care of that in a jiggy.  We were told last weekend that the manure in the barn can't be beat so I am sure we will be scooping and spreading a bit here and there.  We haven't had winter yet, just cold temps and rain, so I can actually do a few things outside if I choose.  Woot!


This week you will find me (or not) buried in the moving process and part of that means disconnecting the computer.  So I know this is a lame going away post but it's all I've got.  Next time you see me I will be sharing pictures of the lovely carpets (5 different colors!), the new yard including the over grown raspberry bushes, and any other interesting things I can find.

This I can say, life throws you some amazing curveballs and sometimes the best thing is to go with them.  In fact, rolling with the punches seems to be more of a blessing than trying to stop them.

Have a fantastic week.  See you back here Monday!



Mike said...

Best of luck with your move, hope everything goes smoothly.

Julie said...

Love it! Good luck!
Ps - layout looks good!

Jane said...

Good luck! I hope everything goes well!