Apr 18, 2012

Milk paint


Today was one of those days when nothing entertains the kids long enough.  Perhaps this was because my nose was stuck in a book? hmm.  After possibly the 100th "I'm bored" I knew I had to do something.  I knew I would go nuts if I had to hear that all day.  I whipped out my favorite homemade paint ever.  Milk Paint.


1 can sweet and condensed milk

Food coloring



Evenly distribute the milk between the jars.  Drop some food coloring in each jar (I use about 8 drops per 1/4 cup milk), stir and your done!  Give the kids a ream of paper (okay maybe not a ream), some paintbrushes and let them go to town.  It takes a while to dry but once it does it almost looks like stained glass with its hard shiny surface.  The shine will last for years even under display.



I'm sure this will be a given but let's put it out there anyway...if you are the squeemish type when it comes to sticky you may just want to skip this step.  It's sticky BUT when you create art like this, does it matter?  No, no it does not.  (hint: it's a unicorn)



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