Apr 22, 2012

Weekend Math


6 snakes

1 tiller

4 hours tilling

4 kids

15,000 seeds

1 grand idea

1 hour collecting

1 beautiful sunset

2 windows open all night

7 hours in the sun

3 applications of sunscreen

13 minutes till sleep overtook


1 perfect day!

We now have a newly found garden space filled with lots of organic matter and yummy rich rotted cow pies! (Did I really just say yummy and cow pie in the same sentence?  Blame it on the sun.)

The weekend was a beautiful one and one filled with lots of work, dirt, laughter and snake hunting.  Top it off with the HUGE black stink bug and we couldn't have been happier.  We played in the dirt, threw rocks and had a snake anatomy lesson.   The windows have been thrown wide open all day long.  A slight breeze tickled our skin as we slept last night and will again tonight.  The barn owls have seranaded us to sleep while the other birds chirp and flutter during the day. What a great weekend.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Love it! Is that your garden? It is huge! (compared to mine!) I remember when I convinced my husband to turn the yard into the garden ... lots of rototilling, and working the rock hard soil, but so much fun!